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Brief Benefits Program Outline

Greenpoint Agency, Inc. has strong medical facilities insurance company markets.

We can place comprehensive business insurance for medical facilitiesnursing homes, hospitals, extended care facilities, etc.; insurance coverage is negotiated on our clients behalf with highly rated insurance companies, and niche specialty insurance companies too.

We specialize in obtaining both medical facility  property insurance and liability insurance coverages, that will protect our clients’ healthcare business (or organization) against both first party perils that cause immediate damage to assets, and third party claims that can destroy an organization’s capitalization and its ability to continue in business.

Our focus is to provide comprehensive business insurance including broad insurance coverages to protect the medical facilities. First party healthcare business insurance can protect:

The medical facility’s physical property, including virtually all: 

      1. Offices, operating rooms, meeting rooms, examination rooms, patient rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care rooms, etc.,
      2. Medical equipment, commercial vehicles, and
      3. Physical infrastructure including internet installations, computer equipment, communications equipment, etc.

Insurance should include coverage for various kinds of potential liability risks. The  named insured's physical property also needs broad insurance coverage.

For first party risks, comprehensive business insurance policies are usually named perils policy types, where the insured may request additional coverages at the time the policy is being underwritten Initial policy forms generally include perils such as: 

Fire and lightning, 








Strike damage,

Vandalism and malicious mischief,

Freezing of the plumbing and heating lines,

Electrical surges

Cyber property insurance

Crime insurance, such as:

    1. Money and Securities (inside/outside)
    2. Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency coverage
    3. Kidnap and Ransom–Extortion coverage
    4. Employee Dishonesty coverage
    5. Forgery or Alteration coverage available
    6. Theft, Disappearance and Destruction coverage

Additional coverages may be obtained for:

    1. Special loss coverages on buildings and  contents
    2. Loss of income, reimbursement for extra expenses
    3. No coinsurance, “agreed value” cover
    4. Blanket limits
    5. Sewer backups and drain coverage, as a cause of loss
    6. Insurance coverage of underground pipes, building foundations, flues, drains, etc.
    7. Demolition coverage
    8. Increased construction costs
    9. Accounts receivable payments, credit insurance coverage
    10. Valuable papers coverage
    11. Alarm systems, including upgrades


     Motor Vehicles coverages, including:

    1. Owned auto
    2. Non-owned auto
    3. Hired auto
    4. Hired car physical damage
    5. Rental reimbursement


Miscellaneous additional first party coverages are sometimes requested, including:

    1. Crisis Management expenses
    2. Business Travel - Accident Benefits
    3. Donation Assurance
    4. Emergency Real Estate Consulting Fees
    5. Identity Theft Expense
    6. Image Restoration and Counseling
    7. Kidnap Expenses
    8. Terrorism Travel expenses
    9. Workplace Violence Counseling
    10. Conference Cancellations
    11. Fundraising Event Blackout
    12. Political Unrest
    13. Temporary Meeting Space Expenses
    14. Travel Delay Reimbursement
    15. Ask Us.

Liability Insurance to protect both the company, and its officers and directors, against third party claims will frequently include:

    1. Professional liability Insurance, malpractice, errors and omissions insurance
    2. Cyber liability Insurance
    3. Employment practices liability insurance
    4. Directors and officers liability insurance
    5. General liability Insurance
    6. Motor vehicle liability cover

Note that in recent years it is becoming more frequent for court decisions to hold officers and directors personally liable for negligence and other forms of third party liability claims. Special endorsed insurance coverage, or a separate insurance policy, must be obtained to provide this liability insurance protection.

To discuss your organizations requirements and risk hazards in more detail, and to assist you in evaluating what coverages your company, or organization requires, please contact us. See below.


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