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Welcome to Greenpoint Agency's Health Providers and Medical Technology,  Business Insurance webpage. We serve healthcare providers, medical technology companies, and biomedical technology companies as their professional healthcare insurance broker

As insurance brokers, we negotiate and obtain comprehensive healthcare business insurance on behalf of our business clients. Insurance Agents work on behalf of the insurance company.

For healthcare professionals and medical technology companies   to profit  and grow in the long term, health providers require low cost, comprehensive business insurance coverages (including professional liability insurance and additional types of business insurance protection) from an intelligent insurance broker who understands their business requirements.

Greenpoint Agency provides ongoing personalized business insurance brokerage services to our clients, for the past 34 + years.

We will customize a comprehensive package of 
business insurance protection, providing additional financial security to health providers capital infrastructure. Substantial insurance protection for our client's capital, against the risk         of loss due to claims, is our goal. 

Custom Designed Healthcare Providers  Insurance for many   types of health providers, healthcare professionals, and medical technology companies, is available through Greenpoint Agency. We specialize in advising and placing substantial insurance protection for business assets and capital, and insurance protection against liability to third parties. We know how to   protect many types of healthcare businesses, including (but not limited to):

  1. Ambulatory surgery clinics.
  2. Behavioral health centers
  3. Cardiac hospitals
  4. Children’s hospitals
  5. Clinic
  6. Community health centers
  7. Community Hospitals
  8. Dental Schools
  9. Dentists
  10. Dialysis treatment centers
  11. Healthcare professionals
  12. Home health agencies
  13. Hospices
  14. Hospitals, including multihospital health organizations
  15. Lithotripsy centers
  16. Long term acute care facilities
  17. Medical Center
  18. Medical doctors
  19. Medical professionals, all types
  20. Medical Schools
  21. Medical health professionals schools
  22. Nurses
  23. Visiting nurse service organizations
  24. Occupational therapy practices and centers
  25. Optometry schools
  26. Pharmacies
  27. Physical therapy practices
  28. Radiology practices and service companies
  29. Rehabilitation practices and companies
  30. Rehabilitation Hospitals
  31. College student health centers
  32. Substance abuse treatment and counseling centers
  33. Psychiatric hospitals
  34. University health systems
  35. Ask Us.

Health Providers
  Business Insurance can include:

  1. Professional liability insurance, including errors and omissions and/or malpractice coverages.
  2. Comprehensive general liability insurance.
  3. Directors and officers insurance, protecting against  personal liability.
  4. Employment practices liability insurance.
  5. Employee benefits insurance protection.
  6. Umbrella liability insurance.
  7. Additional excess layers of liability insurance (If needed).
  8. HIPAA liability and Additional Privacy Liability Coverage
  9. Medical IT insurance
  10. Property insurance and marine insurance multiple coverages        for various kinds of medical equipment, computer systems,       real estate, offices, inventory of medical equipment and other medical products for: manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, retailers, etc.
  11. Commercial vehicles insurance covererages.
  12. Workers compensation, and other disability benefits coverage where required.
  13. Accounts receivables credit insurance to protect against          non-payment of receivables.
Please contact us with your questions and additional detailed information. See below.


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